ESSENZA members use and abuse:

ESSENZA vacuum tube bass head (05.2009)

the new Pearl drum kit (01.2009)

B.C.Rich "Beast" bass (11.2008)

custom monster bass

Jackson  KE3 Kelly eerie dess swirl

My favourite axe (Jackson DX2, now equipped with a Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker)... c.

the only one... my Jackson RR (Duncan SH-8 Invader equipped). c.

into the Essenza studio...

Paolo's drum kit. (studio session)

Alex installs the Dimebucker on the Carlo's
Jackson Kelly...

Into the ESSENZA studio with the BUGERA 333 amp head (11.2008)

my old Fender-type guitar...c.

the Marshall JMP-"essenza"-1 preamp:

Alex's Ibanez SG  bass (2004)

Paolo's drum kit on stage (2004)

I've found this guitar in a
old storage-room, but I've
never played it in concert. c.

between the Laney cabinets,
my first important electric guitar
Vester "Argus". c.