Essenza - biography

Carlo G. Rizzello - guitar & voice

Alessandro S. Rizzello- bass

Paolo Colazzo - drums


ESSENZA was born in 1993, when the young guitarist Carlo G. Rizzello and his brother  Alessandro S. Rizzello, bass-guitar player, started to play in many rock-clubs and festivals of South Italy. Luca A. Rizzello [ Luca], the youngest brother, joined Essenza as drummer and arranger, and enriched the essenza-sound playing string and keyboards. In this period, their music was an explosive cocktail of blues, hard-rock, rock and roll, prog-rock with classical Italian-rock influences.
After the release of two demo-cds ("Essenza" and "Algoritmo 60", in 1996 and in 1998 respectively) they increased the heaviness of the sound and elaborated an original melodic heavy-rock style, inspired to the monsters of international heavy-metal (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Ac/Dc, Judas Priest, Van Halen...), but with Italian lyrics.
Kick Promotion Agency signed the band in 2000, and then they recorded two studio-albums: "Suggestioni" (2000) (containing new recordings of the songs released in the two demo-cds) and "Contrasto" (2002). In 2004 Luca left the band and was replaced by the drummer  Paolo Colazzo.
In april of 2006, in the occasion of the 13th anniversary of ESSENZA establishment, the band releases "XIII Anniversary live" and in 2007 the band promotes and distributes the EP "Dance of liars", containing English lyrics (for the first time) and the videoclip "deep into your eyes".
In 2009, the indipendent label BIGMUD Records publishes the full-lenght cd "Devil's Breath" (and the “Devil’s breath” official videoclip), promoted by Red Cat and Two Side Moon agencies, and distributed by Andromeda Rocks.
In 2013, ESSENZA signed for the Italian label SG Records and then published the full-lenght “Blind Gods and Revolutions” (2014), that was distributed also through digital stores. The album was promoted with the release of the official videoclips "bloody spring", "seagulls in the night", "the fury of the ancient witch".


In 2019 ESSENZA released the new single "June 26th" (digital stores and youtube).


Essenza are officially endorsed by B.C. Rich guitars, Vater drumsticks, Canopus drums and Aquarian drumheads (Gold Music).

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