"Blind Gods and Revolutions"

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"Devil's Breath"

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9th edition: through light and darkness!

30th June 2018, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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8th edition: loudness and perseverance!

24th June 2017, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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7th edition: the fellowship of metal!

18th June 2016, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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6th edition: the sixth life!

27th June 2015, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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5th edition: steel-alive!

21st June 2014, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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4th edition: reborn in steel!

21st June 2013, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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3rd edition: alive and dangerous!

9th June 2012, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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2nd edition: feelin' the underground!

7th May 2011, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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1st edition: rock is back in town!

15th May 2010, Spongano (LE)-ITALY


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